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Bespoke Solid Wood Kitchens: Beautiful and functional interiors with minimal environmental impact

Bespoke Solid Wood Kitchens & Furniture Handcrafted from Reclaimed Pine and accredited sustainable Hardwoods

Rick Forward, sole proprietor of New from Old, near Cambridge, designs and handbuilds bespoke solid wood kitchens and solid wood furniture for the home.

All his furniture is made from either reclaimed pine or new accredited sustainable hardwoods, resulting in environmentally friendly kitchens and furniture. From his workshop in East Anglia, he handcrafts sustainable solid wood household furniture: bespoke kitchens, freestanding kitchen cabinets, office furniture, bedroom furniture, garden furniture, as well as tables, chairs and doors.

Environmentally Friendly Kitchens handcrafted in Cambridgeshire (UK)

Rick Forward's philosophy is to create beautiful and functional interiors with minimal environmental impact.

He creates individually designed furniture that is made to measure each customer's requirements.

Being a furniture craftsman, he uses time-tested methods of craftsmanship to create traditionally made kitchens and furniture that benefits you the customer and takes care of our environment.

Wood Glorious Wood!

  • Kyoto tree Bespoke Ash Tallboy handcrafted by New from Old Rick Forward handcarving Oak panel

  • Interior Design Award 2017, New from Old

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